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Busting Ready Meal Myths

When people talk about ready meals, the same negative connotations seem to arise. Rumours of unhealthy ingredients, nasty hidden chemicals and a lack of any real flavour always enter the conversation.

We are on a mission to prove these arguments to be false and show that ready meals can be healthy, natural and pretty darn tasty.

Think of our food the same way you would your own home batch cooking.  Cooked using high-quality, fresh ingredients and then portioned up and frozen to preserve flavor, texture and nutritional value.  Just… without all the washing up for you!

Myth - Ready meals are bad for you

Truth - This is the equivalent of saying that food in general is not good for you. Of course this is absolute rubbish. If you choose to eat food with unhealthy ingredients or yucky preservatives then yes, you are likely to see negative effects on your health. However, we only use the freshest, healthiest ingredients when preparing our ready meals. This ensures that every bite is bursting with natural, plant-based goodness that will keep your tummy full and your body healthy.

Enjoying our vegan lentil dal

Myth - Ready meals contain nasty preservatives

Truth - Some might, but ours certainly don't. We endeavour to keep our food completely clear of anything unnatural. This means no GMO, no additives or unnatural preservatives and flavourings. We also use locally sourced ingredients where possible to ensure that we know how the veg is grown, as well as making sure that local businesses are being supported.

Myth - Ready meals are bland

Truth - As with anything, a meal is only as good as the ingredients and recipe.  Yes some cheap ready meals lack flavour, but that’s because they’re mass-produced, using cheap ingredients.  Our recipes, by contrast, are cooked to the same high standards as they have been since our early days in the restaurant. And our passion for creating delicious plant-based food can be tasted in every flavourful bite. By freezing the meals soon after cooking, we lock in the flavours so that you can enjoy each meal as though it was prepared fresh in your home. We are always evolving our recipes to come up with the tastiest, vegan friendly ready meals on the market.

Myth - Ready meals are high in salt, sugar and saturated fats

Truth - As with the point above, yes they can be - but that comes down to the recipe.  We don’t add unnecessary amounts of salt and sugar to our meals as the flavour comes through all the other amazing ingredients.  And we use healthy fats such as coconut and almond butter, rather than cheap, saturated fats.

The Brook mushroom bolognese

Myth - Ready meals are expensive

Truth - Each of our meals is cooked with the customer and the environment in mind. We always endeavour to make our ready meals as affordable as possible without compromising the quality of our ingredients and our views on protecting the planet. As a growing business it can be difficult to reduce prices significantly. However, as we continue to grow we will look to provide our customers with restaurant quality food at the most reasonable prices possible.  In the meantime, each serving is still less expensive than a takeaway and often more cost effective than cooking the meal from scratch at home.

All in all ‘ready meals’, ‘prepared meals’ or whatever you’d like to call them are a great way to stay well fed when you’re busy, as long as you know they are made with care.

As passionate foodies, you can rest assured that we’re always adding to the range with your health and wellbeing in mind, as much as your taste buds!