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How to Enjoy Your Meals

You might be reading the title and thinking… surely I just heat and eat, no?  Well, yes. You certainly can - that’s the beauty of our meals.  We’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to.

However, the enjoyment of our range can be taken to another level if you have the time or inclination.  For us, the prepared meal does the majority of the hard work and, by adding the finishing touches, we really bring it to life to make an incredible meal.

Microwave or oven

All of our dishes can be heated in either the microwave or the oven.  We recommend the microwave, as it’s speedy and keeps more moisture in the dishes. While some people have concerns about using a microwave, they have long been confirmed as perfectly safe by the World Health Organisation.

However, if you don’t have one or prefer not to use one then your meal or dessert will heat just fine in the oven.


Leaning on a prepared meal for dinner doesn’t have to mean it’s your whole dinner.  We’re firm believers that raw food should form a part of every meal and that’s quite hard to incorporate into a frozen dish, so we have to leave that bit up to you!

We recommend adding something like a green salad or fresh tomato salsa to any prepared dish.  Not only does this add raw nutrients but it also brings the dish to life.  In the restaurant we’d be adding that side dish for you, but sadly popping over to help each night isn’t quite feasible.

As the next best thing, we’ve prepared a list of suggestions and recipes that you could try here.


Different to an accompaniment and oh so important!  The right garnishes doesn’t just add beauty to the plate but also takes the flavours of the dish to new heights. Here are our favourite things to garnish each of our dishes with:

  • Jackfruit Rendang - fresh coriander
  • Lime & Coconut Dal - cucumber and spring onion
  • Mac & Cheese - cracked black pepper (simple, but so good!)
  • Mushroom Bolognese - homemade vegan parmesan and fresh basil
  • Black Bean chilli - fresh lime and coriander
  • Seafood stew - smoked paprika and fresh parsley
  • Persian Khoresh - pomegranate seeds
  • Sri Lankan Curry - mango chutney and toasted cashews
A serving suggestion for our vegan mushroom bolognese


Ever since running a restaurant, no meal gets plated up around here without a little thought and pizazz.  Taking a little time to choose a nice plate and present your food carefully makes a huge difference to how it’s enjoyed.  Especially once you’ve added that fresh side dish and garnish.

Above are just some of our suggestions for getting the best out of your ready meals, but you can cook the meal however you prefer and serve it with your own favourite sides. Ultimately, how you enjoy your meal is up to you!