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How We Make Our Food

Choosing the dishes

With 5+ years of restaurant recipes to choose from, this is sometimes the hardest part of all!  Over the years we’ve served every kind of food you can imagine, from hearty brunches to decadent desserts, full evening meals and party food.  We’ve developed our own sauces, cakes, meat replacements and condiments.  Choosing what to work on next is always super tough, but that makes it all the more rewarding!

The most important thing is that we choose a dish we think will:

  • Lift your spirits, by being delicious, filling and comforting
  • Be nutritionally-rich
  • Suit a traditional palette
  • Offer something you can’t easily cook yourself, when short on time

In addition we have to consider:

  • Can it be made easily in larger batches?
  • Will it retain all of its delicious flavour and valuable nutrition when frozen?
  • Are the ingredients easy to source ethically in larger quantities?

Thea preparing a meal

Scaling restaurant quality

Next we have to scale the recipes from making 20 at a time to 1,000+ at a time!  You’d be surprised how much a recipe can change as it grows.  We go through a rigorous process of scaling, testing and tweaking to ensure the dish retains the same scrumptious, comforting qualities as the quantity goes up.

Cooking & freezing

Each meal is made just as we would make it in the restaurant, only in much bigger pans!  Onions and garlic are sauteed, sauces are simmered and cakes are baked in large, BFG-sized ovens.

Each meal is then cased up individually by hand and immediately frozen to lock in flavour, texture and nutrition.  We use a high-powered, blast freezer that freezes food much faster than your standard home freezer.  It literally freezes the food in time, ready for you to ‘unfreeze’ when you cook the meal at home.  This means that the food is restaurant-fresh when it reaches you.

We’ve written a whole article on why we freeze your food this way.  We’re pretty passionate about it, as it’s the best thing for your health, the environment and your wallet too!

Vegan seafood casserole


We don’t believe you need to rely on a diet of mock meats to enjoy plant-based food.  We use wholefoods to make all of our meals.  Here’s some other promises regarding our ingredients:

  • No GMO
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No flavourings
  • Locally sourced, where possible
  • Sustainable superstars, where possible*

*Sustainable superstars = foods that can be grown in abundance, with a lower impact on the planet.  By making a conscious choice to consume more of these foods, we take a crucial step towards improving the global food system.  Read more here.