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November 10, 2020 2 min read

Thea in front of The Brook restaurant

How it all began

The Brook began life as a very small coffee shop in the south London town of Wallington. So small in fact that all four walls of the food prep area could be touched at once.

Opening in April 2013 by founders Thea and Andy Brook, the diminutive coffee shop took on many roles over the years – from recording studio to pop-up cinema to wedding venue.

The Brook pop-up cinema

In 2014, after Thea developed an intolerance to dairy, she set about creating dairy-free food with the same creamy, cheesy indulgence levels as her old favourites. Through this, the weekly vegan supper club was born. And boy did it take off!

Once word spread of the tasty plant-based food on offer, nights sold out within minutes and people travelled from far away to get a taste of the home-cooked vegan dishes on offer. Such was the popularity of our food (with vegans and meat-eaters alike) that in 2016 the first floor of the building was converted into a restaurant.

But this was just the beginning…

The restaurant and pop-up

After researching the effects of an animal-based diet, both Thea and Andy decided to make The Brook a restaurant dedicated to plant-based diets. One that looked after the planet as well as its customers. Despite the potential detriment to business, they stuck to their moral compass and it paid off. The restaurant was filled day in day out with customers keen to get their hands on the delicious vegan treats on offer.

The Brook Cafe

With veganism becoming vogue in central London, the next logical step was to share this food with more members of the capital by renting a pop-up in Hackney. In 5 days, a bust up empty tapas bar was transformed into a mini Brook, using nothing more than plywood, plants, a little elbow grease and a neon pink sign.

The customers continued to stream in (along with a number of awards) and it was time to share this food with the wider population.

Thea serving customers in The Brook restaurant

Plant-based deliciousness in your home

With the knowledge that they were on to something great, the founders decided to find a way to share their delicious plant-based food with the rest of the country. The answer – ready meals that can be enjoyed at home!

That is how our range was born and to this day, we stick to our goal of creating food that not only leaves customers with smiles on their faces but also looks out for our planet’s best interests.

'Restaurant quality' is a phrase used by many companies these days but, when we say it, we really mean it!

Sadly, our Wallington restaurant is currently closed due to the pandemic.  However, we don’t see this as the end for the restaurant.  We love nothing more than serving new and exciting plant-based dishes straight to your table (accompanied by a cocktail of course), so we’ll be back.  Watch this space!

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