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From day one, it’s always been important to us to make sure that our operations have no negative impact on the environment.

In the early days of making the transition from restaurant to food producer, we quickly learned that this is pretty darned tricky in the food production world!  Packaging in particular is a notorious minefield.

Back in 2018 it was quite alarming to learn about the lack of good solutions, both available and in development.  Thankfully these have started to improve but it’s still slow progress.

For us this means two things:

  1. Having to keep a constant eye on new and upcoming developments
  2. Being open to more frequent packaging changes than we’d like!

As of today we’ve reworked our packaging twice already.  Each time we’ve moved to a more planet-friendly solution than the last.

A selection of our plant-based meals

We’re proud to say that we’ve always used 100% recyclable packaging, so the improvements we make now are based on:

  1. Including more recycled materials, in the place of raw materials
  2. Using materials that can be recycled in the most energy-efficient way

Below is a full list of the packaging we currently use and how it can be recycled…

Note: we’re currently in the process of transitioning to new packaging, so you may receive some meals in one and some in another as we do!

Food packaging:

Item Material How to Recycle
Sleeve Cardboard Paper/card recycling.
Wooden tray Wood & paper liner

Tray - this is natural, untreated wood.  You can put them in the compost or general waste and they will breakdown without causing any harm.  Better still, you could reuse the trays for something at home, like potting seeds.

Paper liner - rinse well and put in your paper/card recycling.

Black tray Cardboard with a thin plastic lining

Rinse well and put in your paper/card recycling - the plastic separates in the recycling process and the two materials are both recycled.

Plastic film Plastic

This is a recyclable film, so give it a good rinse and pop it in your plastic recycling.

Sauce pot Plastic

Rinse well and put in your plastic recycling.


Delivery system:

Item Material How to Recycle
Box Cardboard Paper/card recycling.
Padding/insulation Paper Both the padding outer and what it’s filled with are made from paper, so the whole thing can go in your paper recycling.
Ice packs Plastic and water Either keep them to reuse or snip the corner and drain the water down the sink, then pop the plastic in with your normal plastic recycling.  The solution inside is non-harmful and water-based, so it won’t do any damage to the water system.


Do you have to rinse your recyclables?

The short answer is yes, please do! The cleaner your recyclables are the better material they will produce once recycled. This will allow the material to stay ‘in the loop’ as long as possible.

It’s hard to know how clean is clean enough but it’s safe to say that if you’re in the habit of cleaning your recyclable materials before putting them in the bin then you’re doing the best you can.

To learn even more about how to be a recycling hero, check out this great article by Wired.