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Who We Are

Hello, it’s lovely to meet you!

We’re a small team of passionate food lovers, who want to show the world just how bloomin’ delicious plant-based food can be.

We started out running a restaurant and now focus on getting our best-selling dishes to the masses through a range of excellent quality prepared meals, desserts and cooking sauces.

Meet the Brooks

The Brook was opened in 2013 by Thea and Andy Brook, in their home town of Wallington, on the border of London and Surrey. Passionate about connecting people to each other and the world around them, their ‘open house’ soon became the hub of the local town and helped spawn connections, friendships and events that will last long into the future.

Meet Thea and Andy Brook

Andy ran the music and arts side of the business and Thea the food and drink.

After switching to a fully plant-based diet in 2016 they decided the business was coming with them.  And so The Brook: Plant-based Kitchen was born.

Today, the businesses run independently, with Andy running The Brook Recording Studio and Thea leading the charge in the plant-based kitchen (although Andy still plays the very important role of chief taste-tester).

From food intolerance to a new beginning

Having grown up working in kitchens, Thea has always been passionate about food.  But it was developing a dairy intolerance in 2014 that took her passion to the next level.  Determined not to stop enjoying rich flavours and indulgent foods, she started experimenting with ways to recreate the flavour and texture of dairy products.

Owner Thea Brook

The results were so good that they began switching items on the menu and customers couldn’t even tell!

Today Thea splits her time between the kitchen and running the business; constantly cooking up new ideas in both to keep the team busy!

The Brook: Plant-based Kitchen

We are a small, but mighty team, juggling the day-to-day challenges of growing a new business.  We believe in doing things the right way and going the extra mile where possible.

Some of us have been around from the beginning (like Dawn, our Operations Coordinator who joined the team in 2013 after wooing Thea and Andy with amazing cake), some of us are overseas (like Georgie, who moved to Melbourne last year) and others are new 2020 team mates - joining us as we continue to grow.

Together, we focus on how we can best serve you the most delicious, ethical and sustainable food to make your life easier and help improve our collective footprint as we do so.

If you ever have any questions or would like to know more about us, our food or how we do things please don’t hesitate to contact us.