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Why Frozen?

Let’s get straight to it. We’ve grown up with the freezer section of the supermarket being associated with not-so-impressive foods. Cheap foods. I’m-not-sure-what’s-really-in-it foods.

I don’t need to list the brands. You know them. They are sold for disconcertingly low prices and you’ve likely never bought them.

In the UK, this use of the freezer has led to a negative stigma being attached to frozen food, and the impression that you can only find good quality ‘fresh’ food in the chilled aisle.

But that’s actually a load of rubbish. To be blunt. In reality, there is much more to the question of frozen vs fresh food.

Here’s why…

FROZEN > CHILLED REASON #1: Frozen food is actually fresher

When fresh foods are picked/cooked and frozen immediately, all their goodness and delicious flavours are preserved right away. Peas can go from the field to the freezer, via washing, in just 2 hours! In contrast, chilled foods travel around, sit in storage and then sit in the fridge waiting for you to buy them. Then likely sit in your fridge for a further few days until you eat them.

In fact, it has been suggested that “fresh” food can lose up to half of its nutritional value while travelling from the source to the shop shelf. 

Every day that goes by, the ‘fresh’ produce that you buy is becoming less and less fresh. As a bonus, choosing frozen food also means that you can enjoy your favourite veg year-round, whether it's in season or not!

Fresh vegetables on a market stall

FROZEN > CHILLED REASON #2: Frozen food results in less food waste

The chilled supply chain is TOUGH.  You have to make the product and get it in to store asap in order to have a few days to sell before it goes off. A lot of the time products don’t sell in time and go to waste.

In fact, research shows that British families could reduce their food waste up to 50% by making better use of their freezers!

Compare this to a frozen product that can sit in both the store or your own freezer for weeks without losing any nutritional value, or contributing to the food waste issue. For example, some fruit and veg can last up to 8 months in the freezer.

FROZEN > CHILLED REASON #3: Frozen food helps you save money

UK households throw away 1/3 of fresh food purchased. Not only is this food wastage proving significantly detrimental to the environment, but that’s a LOT of money going, quite literally, in the bin. 

Surely you’d rather spend that on a plane ticket to Bali? Yeah, us too. 

Stacking up your freezer = less waste = not buying more food than is required = less pennies spent. It's as simple as that.

FROZEN > CHILLED REASON #4: Frozen food is more convenient

When you’re scooting around the surface of the Earth, being awesome, and barely remembering to eat, let alone monitor what’s in your fridge, it’s easy to miss a ‘use by’ date and end up wasting chilled food.

Vegan bean chili serving suggestion

With frozen products you can easily have something healthy on hand, to feed yourself at any time, regardless of how little focus you’ve put on being prepared to do so.

We could go on, but you get the gist...

So, spread the word and let’s try and shake this silly notion that frozen = sub-par. Your body, your wallet and the planet will all thank you for it.