15 Fridge Essentials for Vegans

Not only will it help you to minimise food waste, but planning your weekly shop, in particular perishables, is a great way of making sure there’s always something delicious and nutritious you can whip up in no time.

That doesn’t mean you need to spend hours planning your meals for the week either, as how are you meant to know if you want jackfruit curry on Thursday and what if Jess calls for an impromptu vegan pizza night? Instead be realistic to your lifestyle and stock up on around 6-7 different vegetables at a time to avoid anything going off.

In need of some inspo? Here’s our list of fridge essentials that we know we can rely on…

  1. Cauliflower

    This hardy veg withstands the test of time but it’s good old cauli’s versatility that keeps us going back for more. Roast it, mash it, char it on the bbq, stew it in a curry, turn it into rice…the oh-so-tasty possibilities are endless.

  2. Sweet potato

    Much like cauliflower, sweet potatoes stay fresh for a while and can be used in so many delicious ways. Bake a couple at a time and keep in the fridge for quick and easy dinner and lunch ideas.

  3. Carrots

    Perfect in both raw and cooked meals. Spiralize carrots to add colour to your noodles, shred them in a tangy slaw and blend them into smoothies and juice.

  4. Celery

    Another veg that can be used raw and in cooked food. Celery is perfect as a snack with chunky hummus, chopped finely into sauces and soups as well as a skin-boosting and energizing juice.

  5. Spring onions

    Easy to prepare and without the tears. Spring onions add a great texture to salsas and as crunchy toppers on noodle, curries and salads

  6. Citrus fruits

    A squeeze of lemon or lime as well as its zest can add some much needed zing to your meals. Use as a simple dressing or marinade, in guacamole and salsa as well as fragrant curry pastes and sauces.

  7. Ginger

    This immunity power house of a root has so so many uses! Mince it for refreshing dressings, add it to your curry pastes, work it into your stir fries or even juice it and take it as a wake up healthy shot.

  8. Fennel

    Another nutrient-dense staple that works great in slaws, salads, soups and juices.

  9. Condiments

    Added to sauces and dressings or perfect on their own, a good condiment can take your meal to a whole new level. Our favourites are vegan mayo and mustard!

  10. Pickles; capers, dill pickles, beetroot, jalapenos

    As above, these tangy fridge items can be thrown into lots of cuisines and help to give a meal a little added punch. Blend beetroot into hummus for pink perfection, top vegan chili with jalapenos, add pickles to your falafel wraps and capers to your pasta.

    +5 extra vegetables that aren’t quite as long-lasting but can be used in multiple ways

  11. Courgettes.

    Turn courgettes into spaghetti, cut them in half and serve loaded with pulses or chop them into curries and chunky sauces. You can even shred them and add some greens to pancakes. We’ve made our point - courgettes are versatility champions.

  12. Mushrooms

    A firm favourite for many veggies and vegans given their rich flavour and meaty, satisfying texture .Choose a type that works for you!

  13. Avocado

    Blend into your smoothies, smash on sourdough, add some cool, creaminess to Mexican dishes and even transform them into healthy desserts. Well it wouldn’t be a fridge without some avo’s now would it?

  14. Tomatoes

    Ideal for both cold and hot meals. Chop finely with herbs and garlic for a speedy bruschetta, add a burst of flavour to salads, pasta and grains, transform into salsa and release their sweetness by roasting with you fave veggies.

  15. Your favourite fresh herb

    Herbs add an amazing freshness to quick, homemade meals. However we recommend only ever stocking one or two as they do go off fairly quickly or better still, try to grow your own! Our must-haves are coriander and mint - perfect additions to curries, salsas and hearty wholegrains.