15 Pantry Essentials for Vegans


Whether you're a workaholic, busy mum, gym bunny, socialite or frankly haven't the foggiest where your time has evaporated to, we all get those moments where you come home, hanger levels sky high with what feels like nothing to eat in the cupboards.

Well folks, before you reach for the Deliveroo app, we're here to tell you that with a strategically stocked pantry of plant-based essentials there needn't be a 'what can I make for dinner' panic. From veggie stock and tamari to cans of chickpeas and quinoa here's our list of pantry must-haves to ensure no-one goes hungry on our watch.

  1. Pulses

    Lentils, chick peas, black beans, etc are both versatile and quick to cook with as well as being high in fibre and protein to leave you feeling satisfied. Add them to your pasta dishes, soups and even served them on toast.

    Approx cost: 55p-£1 a can

  2. Coconut milk or cream

    Adding a little coconut milk or cream can transform a dish from watery and bland into fragrant, creamy goodness.

    Approx cost: 75p-£1.20 a can

  3. Patak's curry paste (we love the Madras)

    Our go-to paste that makes quick, tasty soups and curries with whatever veg you’ve got to use up.

    Approx cost: £1.56 a jar

  4. Garlic puree

    A hassle free flavour enhancer at your finger tips. Because let’s be honest who doesn’t love garlic?

    Approx cost: 80p a tube

  5. Apple Cider vinegar

    A great liquid for adding depth and tang to your dishes. It’s also great for your digestion and a healthy gut.

    Approx cost: £2.20 for organic or £1.70 for non-organic

  6. Marmite

    Whether you’re a lover or a hater, Marmite is a very versatile pantry item that provides that all important umami flavouring.

    Approx cost: £1 a jar

  7. Tamari

    A fantastic staple for quick stir-fries and adding depth to sauces and stews.

    Approx cost: £1.50-£2 depending on brand

  8. Nut butter

    Do we need to explain this one? It’s a favourite for so many reasons!  Great for protein and good-fat rich snacking and adds nutty creaminess to sauces and dressings. Mmmmm.

    Approx cost: £2.50 a jar (make sure it’s unsustainable palm oil free)

  9. Stock cubes (we love Kallo)

    A good stock cube can help to enhance a variety of dishes flavours. Next time you cook rice, crumble a cube in - you can thank us later.

    Approx cost: £1.20 a pack

  10. Plant milk

    Whether it’s oat, coconut, almond, cashew milk and beyond, dairy free milk works a treat when trying to give a meal, sauce or dressing a little extra creaminess.

    Approx cost: £1-£1.89 for 1L depending on brand and type (Oatly is a favourite)

  11. Oils

    Having a selection of good quality oils about could be the difference between a simple carrot or dressing and a show-stopper. Use them to roast vegetables into melt in your mouth moments, tangy salad dressings and so much more.

    Approx cost: £1.50 depending on quality, type and brand

  12. Nutritional Yeast

    A cheap and easy way to add a rich nutty flavour to vegan dishes. Sprinkle on top of pasta for a B12 loaded sub for cheese.

    Approx cost: £2.70 for 125g pot

  13. Dried pasta, rice, couscous

    We could name a bazillion ways to get creative with these! Dried carbs have rightly earnt their way on the list as they are the perfect starting point for so many quick and tasty dinners and lunches.

    Approx cost: 50p-£1.50 for 500g depending on type

  14. Bisto beef granules

    The best quick gravy (without the risk of lumps) for all those gravy addicts out there. And despite the name it's bizarrely vegan!

    Approx cost: £1 for 170g pot

  15. A good herb & spice collection

    Last but not least, herbs and spices are a great way of giving a meal an extra kick. Stock up on smoked paprika, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, dill, Chinese 5 spice and more.

    Approx cost: 70p-£1.50 depending on packaging and spice.

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