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FAQ : Our Eco-friendly Packaging

When we began our journey from vegan restaurant to vegan ready meals, it was of the utmost importance to us that our eco-friendly and sustainable ways came with. Once we’d finished our first round of kitchen experimentation and decided on the menu, we were then faced with the dilemma...what do we package it in and how do we ensure it remains fresh all the way to your door?

We understand the problems packaging can cause when choosing which products to buy, that fit with a sustainable low-waste lifestyle. So we thought we’d help customers out by making what our food comes in as eco-friendly as the meals themselves. As a brand proud of its ethics of ‘reduce’ and ‘reuse’, single-use plastic was definitely not an option as well as any material that was likely to be sent to landfill or unable to be re-purposed. So, after some long and very thorough research this is what we came up with….

Our Wooden Trays

Made from the best natural peeled poplar wood, these wooden moulds are 100% biodegradable. Yes! That means even if you left them in your garden (we’re not suggesting doing this) they’d naturally decompose. However, if you’re as big a fan of these trays as us, why not re-use them to plant herbs, to bake a cake in or show some Marie Kondo organisation and use them to separate out your toiletries and fresh food in the fridge.


Denim is always cool…

The insulated liners we wrap your tasty meals in use recycled denim to lock in that cool temperature. Once you’ve received your delivery, both the liners and the box we send your food in can be recycled or re-used however you fancy. As for the ice packs, these frozen heroes’ plastic can be recycled and the salt water solution inside is also non-toxic. So re-purpose them at a summer picnic or pour the contents down the sink without the environmental consequences!

Denim insulation

BUT we’re not just settling at that - we like to give you guys options... Which is why we’ve made it our current mission to find a system where you can easily return our packaging to us so that we can use it again for more yummy vegan concoctions. So feel free to hold onto our current packaging and we’ll give you the heads up as soon as this option is available.

Have you used our packaging in a fun and interesting way? Or do you have any more questions/tips on low-waste sustainable packaging? Let us know in the comments below….