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Moreish Vegan Mac & Cheese Bites

Sweet dreams are made of cheese……

As you’ve probably realised we’re all for being a little bit naughty when it comes to our cooking, but these vegan Mac and Cheese bites feel like the filthiest of the lot. With a crispy fried panko crumb coating, a cheesy, creamy and gooey centre that melts in the mouth and a surprising sweetness from the balsamic caramelised onions - we dare you to have just the one.

These bites make the perfect finger-food for soirees at home, served up as part of a delish vegan spread or even better in a bowl for yours truly on the sofa about to embark on a good Netflix binge. Dreamy on their own or dip them into a smokey hot BBQ sauce to stop yourself from slipping into a food coma.

Well if that image hasn’t sent you on a rocket ship to cheesy heaven let’s get cooking!



Serves 4 as nibbles

Time: 20 minutes



1 x The Brook Mac & Cheese

180g of panko breadcrumbs

400ml rapeseed oil (or another oil of choice)


vegan mac and cheese


Start by cooking your mac and cheese according to packet instructions (1 minute less than usual).

Allow to cool so that you are able to handle the mixture.

Pour the oil into a large saucepan and raise the heat until it bubbles. You need the oil to be super hot to fry the bites.

Meanwhile, prep the bites.

Place half the panko breadcrumbs in a bowl.

Using two spoons, scoop the mac and cheese into small (ping pong size) balls.

Dip the ball into the panko breadcrumbs and roll around so it is nice and evenly coated.


vegan mac and cheese bites

frying mac and cheese balls

 Once you’ve done half and the oil is nice and hot. Place the first batch into the saucepan for around 5-10 minutes.

Continue to prep the others and swap out when the first batch is golden and crispy in the pan.

When all the bites are good to go. Leave on a rack to cool slightly before serving.

vegan mac and cheese recipe

Got experimental with our mac and cheese? Leave us a comment below and tell us how