“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do.”

– Amelia Earhart

Welcome to the world of The Brook...

Our journey to where we are today has been a long one that started, bizarrely, with the opening of a music venue that was known for (among other things) its epic, meat-heavy menu. Along the way, with the help of a dairy intolerance, a few powerful documentaries, a persistent Welshman, some incredibly supportive customers and a lot of hard work, The Brook evolved into an international, award-winning food business with the sole aim of introducing as many people as possible to just how incredible plant-based food can be.

What once started life as a single venue is now a whole world that exists outside of the confines of any one physical location. As a customer once put it... ‘The Brook isn’t a place, it’s a people’...


Thea and Andy opened the doors to The Brook, a converted tyre garage, hosting a cafe, recording studio and music venue.

We sold fresh juices, great coffee and home-made food sourced as locally as possible.

Our focussed was on bringing people together to discover new things and enjoy great quality products.


Thanks to developing an intolerance to dairy, Thea set to work on creating plant-based recipes that could fill the culinary gap that dairy left behind.

The result was so good that we actually replaced some sauces, such as our nacho cheese sauce, with the dairy-free alternative without anyone noticing!


A few of our customers (including ‘Sean the Vegan’ aka the persistent Welshman) finally convinced us to up our vegan offering and our monthly vegan supper club was born.

It was an instant hit. We started selling out of tickets even before releasing the menu and the feedback we received was incredible.


With most of the team now fully vegan themselves, dairy heavily reduced on the menu and interest in our plant-based food growing, we took another step forward and removed meat from the menu entirely.

Our now veggie (and mainly vegan) menu gave birth to many of our bestsellers, including these beet burgers.


Knowing that we needed more space to serve the kind of food we cooked at our supper clubs, we finally took the plunge by adding a restaurant to the venue and dropped all animal products at the same time.

We thought it might mean an initial dip in business but instead demand doubled overnight!


What a year. In fact, so much happened that it has to be split in 2... we started by opening a pop-up restaurant in Hackney. It was so popular that it attracted national media coverage from the BBC and won the Time Out award for ‘Best Restaurant in Hackney’ after just 3 months!

By now we knew we were really on to something and that we had to reach more people with our food...

2018 cont...

We decided it was time to step away from running venues and create a range of products that could be enjoyed far and wide. So in October we launched our Seedrs campaign to raise the funds we needed to set up the new business and develop our product range.

Our campaign reached 100% on day one and closed after less than a week having raised 140% of our target from nearly 300 people in over 20 countries!


We moved in to an amazing new space where we have a larger office and production kitchen.

Our range has been thoroughly tested by our loyal customers and it’s been amazing to start seeing it appear on shop shelves in both the UK and abroad.

Every day is a new rollercoster and we can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes us...

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  • Thank you Thank you Thank you for my awesome delivery of amazing plant based food. Absolutely delicious! I’m so impressed with the quality and will definitely be ordering again very soon!

    Cat - 5* Google Review


  • There are other great vegan delivery options. It's just that the food from The Brook is that little bit better! In particular I love their chili (deep flavours without being dominated by tomato).

    Christian - 5* Google review