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Our Story

The Brook was born from our desire to show the world how incredible sustainable food can be.

In 2015 I developed an intolerance to dairy. As a passionate cook, I was devastated at the thought of life without cheese, butter and cream. So I made it my mission to find a way to replicate the depth of flavour associated with traditional cooking using only plants. I was blown away by the results and our customers were too. Our BBQ jackfruit nachos with cheesey sauce and soured cashew cream were the talk of the town!

Having been healthy my whole life, my intolerance also caused me to look a little deeper in to the health implications of what we referred to as a ‘normal’ diet. The more I learned, the more it concerned me. Driven by a combination of health concerns, environmental factors and compassion Andy and I both went vegan in 2016 and decided the restaurant was coming with us.

At first we were nervous. It wasn’t the times we’re living in now; plant-based eating wasn’t in the mainstream media (unless being mocked), there weren’t options on every menu and people still saw veganism as extreme. But with the support of our incredible customer-community our business continued to go from strength to strength and has lead us to pursue dreams far beyond that we could have imagined.

In 2019 we launched our product line - made using the recipes developed in the restaurant, over the past 7 years, our food is created with the same level of care and passion whether it's being delivered to your restaurant table or your front door. We understand just how busy life is these days and, without access to convenient meals, eating plant-based meals regularly can be hard to sustain. Our hope is that by delivering a range of restaurant-quality meals, direct to your door, we can help you achieve the lifestyle and diet you want, without having to compromise on quality.

I genuinely want every human being to understand how sexy-delicious-incredible plant-based food can be, when done right. We’ll endeavour to keep showing you, through the restaurant, our home range and soon… online recipes and courses. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch.