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Why Us?

Choosing the right partner to cook your meals a few times a week is no small decision.  We understand you'll want to get to know us a bit better before deciding if we're right for you.

So here's a bit more information on what we do and how we do it.  And if our website leaves any question unanswered please reach out to us here

It’s award-winning-ly good

Our journey into the world of plant-based food began with flavour.  Refusing to accept anything BUT incredible flavour, despite a change in diet. 

Today, flavour is still, and will always be, at the core of everything we do.  We want our food to inspire and for that to be the case, it can’t just tick the ‘healthy’ and ‘sustainable’ boxes, it has to seriously impress on the flavour front.

But don’t take our word for it, ask these guys…

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It’s developed by real chefs

In a restaurant, if you put a plate of not-so-amazing food in front of someone you know about it pretty quickly.  Diners are tough critics and we love nothing more than developing new plant-based dishes and getting their feedback.

Our dishes have been served to thousands of customers in our restaurants in London and Surrey over the years (the vast majority of them not vegan), so you can rest assured they’ve been thoroughly taste-tested!

Thea Brook2020 145 small square.jpg

It’s made with sustainability at it’s core

The driving force behind our existence as a business is to inspire more plant-based eating.  In turn, to make steps towards easing our collective impact on the planet.  So, it’s important to us that we do everything in the most sustainable way possible.

How possible this is, is evolving every day; new inventions continue to appear and, as we grow, we gain access to more and more solutions.  What this means is that you’ll likely see lots of packaging innovation from us over the coming months/years – we look forward to going through that evolution together!

The Brook Plant Based Seafood Stew Ready Meal.jpg

It’s frozen to ensure true freshness

If you still think chilled food is fresh/best… nope.  Nope nope nope.  We’re tres big believers that if food needs to travel then it should do so frozen.  Read this blog post to find out why frozen food is oh so much better than chilled.

It’s delivered to your door

Set it and forget it.  Partnering with DPD means you’ll know exactly when to expect your delivery and can decide where it’s left if you’re not in.  No need to leave the house and your freezer is magically refilled with plant-based goodness!

It’s ready to enjoy in minutes

There are days when you have time to cook and, oh, what magical days they are.  Cooking from fresh is a pure joy.  But the reality is that, if you want to do everything on your epic-life-to-do list there are days when you don’t have time.  That’s what we’re there for and, when those hunger pangs kick in, your meal will be ready in 6 lil’ minutes, meaning you can refuel and crack on pronto.


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